Gmail vs Yahoo Mail : Which One is Better?

Emails have become an easier way to communicate easily and in a more flexible way. More than a million mails are sent by people throughout the world. The number of people using emails is increasing in the fast-paced world. There are a lot of companies that provide email services to people. Various email service providers include google Gmail, yahoo, Microsoft outlook etc. Gmail and yahoo stand tall among all the email service providers.

Both features of Google Workspace previously known as G Suite and Yahoo Mail are used for commercial purposes and have many benefits. G Suite features such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drive are very useful for businesses. For Gmail, another benefit of G Suite is the mail ID with the domain name. It can not only bring appropriate attraction to the enterprise but also establish brand awareness for your enterprise. G Suite has three plans, and G Suite is suitable for each type of business. From start-ups to enterprises, every department needs G Suite. Yahoo is also a very popular mail service developed in 1997, and it also provides a very useful mail service. Yahoo also provides mail services with company domain names, and Yahoo’s security policy is very strong. Although there is some background in Yahoo Mail. Cannot use iPhone, and the attachment size is very low.

Gmail vs Yahoo Mail : Which One is Better

Yahoo Mail is very popular and user-friendly. The online mail strategy and mail function were first activated by Yahoo Mail. Despite some limitations, G Suite is preferable to Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail and G Suite are both very secure, and the services they provide are also very good. However, G Suite is preferable to Yahoo Mail because it has functions such as video conferencing, attachment size, IM, and mail integration in the same window.

Here are some points to look for while choosing the best email service:

1. Integration of Instant Message and Email

One of the main advantages of Email over Yahoo is its facility to send Instant messages to your contacts very easily. Yahoo also has an Instant message facility but a person would have to open a new chat bar to send an Instant message to anyone which can be very time consuming and annoying for its users

2. Attachments

Another important advantage of gmail accounts over yahoo is it’s flexibility in adding attachments to an email message. Yahoo mail service would require its users to open a separate screen to add any kind of attachments. Yahoo allows its users to add only 5 attachments at a time while a user can send more than five attachments at a time

3. Size of Attachments

Gmail allows its users to send attachments of maximum of 20 MB in size while at the same time Yahoo offers only 10mb. When it comes to the size of attachments, gmail has a clear advantage over yahoo email accounts.

4. Organizing Mails Through Folders

This is a feature in which yahoo scores. Yahoo provides a better folder creation and organization feature compared to gmail. Even though gmail offers the feature to label folders, it can be difficult to organize a large number of emails and folders. Yahoo mail is better when you’re looking for a mail system that helps to create multiple folders which can be easily accessed.

5. Brand Impact

Gmail is considered far better than yahoo in terms of its brand image and Impact among people. Gmail and the services offered by Google are considered and look more professional than the services offered by yahoo. When it comes to credibility, gmail has come a far way than yahoo or any other mail system provider.

6. Layout

Both Yahoo and gmail have an amazing user friendly Interface.

Both gmail and yahoo mail has it’s own merits and demerits. Both of these are used by millions of people daily. Gmail beats yahoo as Gmail offers POP access for free while Yahoo mail provides the same for a fee. Gmail Beats yahoo as Gmail offers email forwarding for free while Yahoo mail provides the service for a fee.

Being the older of the two emails, it is understandable why yahoo has more users than Gmail. But with the simple interface and excellent complementary services, Gmail is quickly gaining ground.

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