Instagram is, for me, a social networking site in which I see great potential. It’s an excellent place to show your product, service, activity, blog. In the previous article, I described the characteristics, functions, and capabilities of Instagram. You can read it from here: Instagram marketing tips

I think it’s good to have a good foundation in order to act more effectively.

Today we will take the next step in the Instagram world. As you know, every social networking site has its climate and rules. In my article, I focused on a few elements that I think are important. These are the rules I follow. There are seven rules on Instagram to keep in mind.


Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags work well on Instagram. You can use up to 30 hashtags. Another position you’ll encounter is using 9-11 hashtags. I recommend using more hashtags

What do hashtags do?

Hashtags will allow you to group content around a topic. For example, under #motivation, you’ll find all posts with this name. Thanks to hashtags, you will increase the reach of posts. New people can reach your profile in this way. You can also search for content that interests you using the search engine. You can use Hashtags for competitions, promotional campaigns, events, events. In such a situation – inform the followers to use the appropriate hashtag and use it in their posts.

How to use hashtags?

You will meet in different positions. I will show you the possibilities. You can use these very popular – to increase the reach of posts. In my opinion, it is worth thinking about it – using viral hashtags; your content may disappear in the crowd. The second issue is which group we will reach in this way. I recommend using hashtags related to the industry, topics covered – use both more general and narrower ones. Also, look at what hashtags profiles in your industry use. Take a look at what hashtags people use to reach. Always check what pictures are under specific hashtags. If you act locally – show it in hashtags and reach the local community as well.

The list of hashtags will make it easier for you. If you raise various topics on your profile – you can create groups. Save them, e.g., on your phone; then, you will have quick access to them. Mix hashtags, check, and test.

You probably wonder what language to use hashtags in. Do you use English words? This is another decision to be made. Thanks to English #, you will certainly increase the reach of your posts. Take into account which you want to reach, i.e., who is your target group and what market you operate on

How do you check the popularity of hashtags

Instagram search engine – use the magnifying glass on your profile and enter # into the search engine. You will see a number of posts with a popular sign. You will also find related hashtags in the search engine. You can complete your list with them.

Interactions and activity

You know that communication and your business are essential in social media. It’s no different on Instagram. Focus on community building. Remember relationships. It’s the man who counts. In my opinion, numbers are not the most important thing. I agree that we want to reach new customers, readers of the blog. I do not doubt that. However, building relationships is, in my opinion, an element that can not be missing, regardless of whether you have a business or a blog (which can also become your business).

There is one more element associated with this point – your activity. Don’t wait until new people come to you. Of course – your content is grouped by used hashtags. However, it is worth captivating the initiative and attainment out to new citizens. various times ago, I used a report that well captures what I mean now.

What tips do I have for you?

Follow other profiles – search for people from your target group. Comment on other profiles, talk. Ask questions in the post description – engage your followers. Mark other profiles – both smaller and larger brands. You can tag in the post description, in the photo, in the comment, as well as in Instagram Stories. The person you mark will get a notification. When someone marks you – thank you, feedback, talk :)Be part of the community. Talk. If you are active and consistent – you will see the results of your actions. Do not buy followers. It is better to have a smaller community, but more involved than “empty” followers. Be human and open 🙂


Instagram is a powerful social media marketing tool that can be widely used for social well fare business and other purposes. If you have big marketing plan in your mind and looking to get bulk Instagram profiles to fulfill your dream, so you can order us to get instagram accounts for sale

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