Gmail Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Productivity

E-mail remains the most widely used tool on the Internet, at least at work. And Gmail dominates the industry. Do you use Gmail every day? Come on, read the notes and you’ll discover a lot of Gmail tricks.

Like most small business owners, email processing probably takes a significant part of their day. What if you could process mail faster and process each message better? I wonder what. If you know gmail tips, tricks, or secrets, you can do that.

If you’re using Gmail, you already have a powerful platform with a number of productivity features. The problem is that most of us use only a small portion of the actual Gmail features available. This is because Gmail takes the time to find and learn the most useful tricks. As a small business owner, who has extra time?

For many employees, email can be a useful tool or a real disaster. Although email has facilitated communication, a complicated inbox can be an obstacle to productivity and frustrate the user. This is especially worrying when you consider how essential email is for certain jobs. If you open your Gmail tray as soon as you get to work every day, you need to know that it will contribute to a productive workflow. When you optimize your inbox, you simplify your life, something that is good for your career and stress level.

Gmail Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Productivity
Gmail tips

18 Gmail Tips And Tricks

Here are 18 tips you can use to keep your inbox under control.

#1. Retrieve a Message by Using Unsend

Have you ever wanted to send a Gmail message?

However, many readers do not realize that Gmail has the ability to give gmail a slight time frame to remember the sent messages. To use this Gmail trick, you must turn on Undo Send before you can use it. And you need to remember your message and act quickly, but this handy feature will prevent you from getting embarrassed.

#2. Quickly scan messages in the preview pane

View and reply to emails without leaving your inbox. Use the Gmail Labs Preview dashboard to scroll through your email content.

When you turn on the preview pane, you can add a toggle button that allows you to select either the vertical preview pane (shown above), the horizontal preview pane, or a pane other than the preview. Reply to or reply to each message in the preview pane to work with the message.

#3. Forward sent mail

Email errors are very common. AOL research shows that about 32 percent of people accidentally forwarded the wrong email. What you had not finished writing, I do not know who shot himself. If you send an incorrect email that contains unwanted attachments or sensitive data, you may get a bad impression as a professional or ruin your career.

#4. Add a Tab

Do you like everything separated? You can then add tabs such as updates and forums to further split your email. Emails are automatically added to new tabs to help you focus on important emails.

#5. Lock

Gmail has developed a script that hosts self-destruction in email. Take it now!

This is useful if you don’t want to forward, copy, or print your e-mail to other people. To do this, click the lock icon with a clock (shown below) to the right of the Send button before you click Send.

#6. E-mail will be discarded

A new tab called Confidential Mode opens with the Set Expiration option. At this point you can make the necessary changes and choose between one day, one week, one month, three months or five years. Easy self-destruction of compromised emails!

#7. Some of the most popular Gmail hacks are:

In multi-message threading, press the next message, and then press the “N” key, or press the previous message.

You can send a compound message by holding down CTRL+ENTER. To use keyboard substitutions, you must enable them from your Gmail account settings, as shown in the following screenshot.

#8. Answer all by default

If you want to send a response to more than one recipient, you may forget to select the Reply All option. Whenever you talk to multiple recipients, the Reply All option is the default option.

#9. View the maximum number of e-mail per page

If you have too many emails per day, you should explore this option. This gives you access to more conversations on a page-by-page basis. To do this, visit the Settings section, click the subsection general, and then scroll to Maximum Page Size. Then select the number of transformations you want per page.

#10. See Conversation

If you have an older version of Gmail, this trick will be very practical.

To avoid the Threads view that favors the old conversation view, follow these steps: On the Settings tab, go to the General menu, scroll down to the Transform View option, and select the Transform View Off option.

#11. Advanced Find

It’s hard to find specific information because you usually have a lot of emails in your inbox. You can do an advanced search here.

This feature allows you to search for specific emails in hundreds of emails in your inbox by applying a handy filter, as shown in the following screenshot.

gmail advanced search

#12. Attach the file from Google Drive

Do You want send a large file?  There are no issues with Gmail’s new integrations. You can insert A Google Drive file into an email as an attachment.

Click the Google Drive icon at the bottom of the window (the fifth to the right of the Submit button). You can include a file as a link or as an attachment.

#13. Shortcut menu

Right-click an email to display the option to unread, archive, or delete the message. All in one click, directly from your Inbox.

#14. Use Responders during vacation

Are you on a vacation? So you can reply the mails through Gmail’s auto-reply option. You can customize the messages that you send to users.

#15. Desktop alerts

If you are living from your email, this is a great choice. You can add Gmail Chrome extension or Desktop Notifications to turn it on. It is also very useful if you set up email alerts for important features.

#16. Access your Account

You can receive not less than two to three email a day that is spam trying to hack your account. Isn’t it? For this thread reasons, it is recommended that update your account recovery option. This can be useful if you don’t remember your password or if it’s hacked (it happens at some point, just thinking about it).

Choose from things that are less likely to forget or make mistakes, even if they are not obvious to third parties. However, it is best to use the password manager as we saw before.

#17. Use Gmail in offline mode

Do you have an internet connection but have many emails to answer? You need to install a Chrome extension called offline Gmail.

Mail that you write offline is sent when you connect to the Internet. Deleted, archived, or changed conversations and messages are synchronized the next time you go online.

#18. Sign Out Remotely

Here is the guide if you need to logout remotely from all the devices. – Gmail Sign Out of All Devices

As a small business owner, you rely on your email. Being able to find what you need in your Gmail system quickly helps your business run smoothly. It’s not difficult with our step-by-step instructions.

Make better use of your Gmail system today like a pro.

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