10 Best Email Apps for Android : Must Use In 2024

Emails are necessary part of our daily working life. Sometimes, we need to access them any time due to certain urgency.  So it would be better to go through your mobile. So, here we are going to compile a list of 10 best email apps for android which is highly rated. These are available on google play store from where you can easily download all these.

Best Email Apps for Android
Best Email Apps for Android

Top 10 Email Apps for Android

1. Gmail

Everyone must know about Gmail and it is also the first name come up to mind when we think about sending mail. It is the most using mail service globally and it has over 1 billion active accounts. Gmail accounts as well also use for business exploring purpose, you can also buy gmail accounts in bulk if you need for your marketing purpose and explore your business.


  1. It allows its users to send or receive mail from multiple accounts with the single inbox.
  2. Gmail offers 15 GB of free space to its users.
  3. Google application comes with a spam filter that blocks unwanted messages before reaching your into your inbox.

2. Microsoft Outlook

It is an instant email android application which connects million of users with their email accounts. Outlook give you feature of storing your emails according to your priority by making folder for particular email from single accounts. It is also rated as the best email app for 2018.


  1. It is fast and accurate.
  2. It offers swipe gesture feature which make its interface very user friendly.
  3. This app comes with the calendar.

3. Blue mail

When we talk about one of the most popular email apps then “Blue Mail” is always there. Blue mail supports a variety of clients, including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Office 365, and virtually any other POP3, IMAP, or Exchange clients.


  1. Blue mail has variety of notification settings for your different email accounts.
  2. Blue mail also comes with gaming stuff like Android Wear support, configurable menus, and even a dark theme.

4. Newton Mail

Newton is a platform that includes all email needs and it also supports all major email clients and providers. It includes some brilliant features and specification which make it better than others and that’s why Newton Email App is a subscription-based service.


  1. It offers schedule mail sending options to its users.
  2. It is the safest and securing mail sending the android app.
  3. It gives you the most reliable experience with the 2 step verification while sign up for this.

5. Mymail

Mymail is another stock android email app that enables the user to use multiple accounts instantly. Mymail email app supports all major email services from the standard Google mail to AOL mail services.


  1. Mymail email application sets up IMAP, POP and SMTP settings for its users.
  2. It offers spam filter that keep you safe from all of the spam mails.
  3. It also offers custom filter setting by which you can block or hide any mail form any particular website.

6. Asus Email

Asus email application integrated with different zen UI applications that provide extreme efficiency. This email App has very simple to use interface and also has elegant email tool which help its users to manage multiple inboxes all at once. Asus email app also has email filters which help in categorized as well as keeping away spam mail out from the area.


  1. It offers its users a combined view which makes the interface easy.
  2. It also offers “reminder set up” which allows in notifying as well as notify important messages.

7. BlueMail

This is one of the best email app which is capable of dealing with multiple email accounts almost from all providers.


  1. The main feature of this email app is that it allows its users personalized user interface.
  2. Bluemail also offers clubbing various inboxes and also capable of supports both IMAP and POP3.
  3. The notification features of this email applicaiton include the snooze alert, reminder and custom notif sounds.

8. K-9 Mail

Another one of the best email app for android is K-9 mail which is also known as the power email App which support multiple accounts. K-9 is a 100% free email app for android. This email app contains very simple user interface and deals exceptionally well with all sorts of users.


  1. It is available on google play store at free of cost.
  2. It is not a space eating app it just about 3 MB applications that is suitable for very android phone.

9. AquaMail

Aqua mail launched by mobisystem and it mostly considered for those users who are dealing with multiple email accounts. The most valuable thing about this android email app is that very less time consuming setup process. It is more reliable and vast customization platform where the users get to interact according to their needs.


  1. AquaMail email app comes with authentication security option which make t highly secure for the user.
  2. This app offers backup and restore option for all the cloud users.

10. Nine-Email and Calendar

The Nine is another email android app developed by 9folders Inc. This application support direct push technology. Nine Android Email App get easyncs with the Microsoft Exchange server using the Microsoft ActiveSync.


This app has a feature of sorting filter which filters mails according to user requirement.

The app is available from Google PlayStore, and its licensed version comes at a price of $14.99.

Conclusion:- So, these are the 10 best email apps for Android which you can use for your email purpose. If you have any query then you can directly send us the message from the comment section given below

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