Gmail Sign Out of All Devices – You Must Know

Have you forgotten to logout your Gmail account at any public place? Or someone trying to hack your account?

No need to worry. You can Gmail sign out of all devices remotely.


Read below.

If you are reading this article then you must be looking for that how you can sign out your Gmail account from all device you have been ever logged in. This situation occurs when you change your Gmail password then it offers you two options that either you want to stay logged in in previous devices or want to log out from all the device.

The main idea behind this concept depends upon the reason for changing the password. There are maybe certain reasons because of which you should have to change your password. In some cases, it happens like that you have been logged in from very long and suddenly you realized that you don’t even remember your password, so in these cases, you can easily change your password by click on forget password and recover it through the OTP on your register mobile number. And at the end you will see an option where you find that either you want to stay logged in in all the devices or want to log out from all the device, you can barely choose the suitable option according to you. You may conclude that is it really necessary to sign out from all device whereas you are using your Gmail accounts on your mobile phone too.


Another circumstance like when you do not log in with your Gmail accounts since very long and then session gets expired due which you automatically get logged out and you don’t remember your password too.

In this case, you can change your password easily as we have mentioned in the above para. And then stay logged in.

No, in some cases when you feel that your accounts are not secure when you feel that you have logged in someone’s else account. It happens that you have to immediately log in your Gmail accounts for any work. Now if you feel that you should remove your account from that device then you can do it by “sign out of all devices”. Now for doing this, you have to follow some steps, for knowing that in which devices you are being logged in so far then:

Gmail Sign Out of All Devices Remotly

  1. You can click on the Gmail icon of your profile.
  2. Then you will see an option of “Google Accounts” tap on it.
  3. Now go to the Security Option and find the option of “Your Account”.
  4. Now there you will see the option “Manage device
  5. Now you will be able to see those all devices in which you are getting logged in.
  6. And, now you can block any of the devices to access your Gmail accounts.

But the best way to get rid of this situation is that, go to forget password and verify your number. And at the end of this procedure, Google will ask you what you want to stay logged in or you can also sign out from all the device. Doing this will remove your Gmail accounts from all the devices you have ever logged in.

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