How to Use or Create Bulk Instagram Accounts to Get More Visibility

You probably thought about reading the post title; What’s the point of creating multiple accounts on Instagram? And the logical thing is that at first, you think it is useless, that’s why we encourage you to continue reading and who knows if you finally end up using this simple trick to use several Instagram accounts.

One of the main headaches that sooner or later arise at any Instagram is; What to do when you want your photos can only be seen by certain people and not by all your friends or followers? A clear example is that of users who decide to use Instagram to promote their businesses, but do not want to mix personal photos with work photos.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the Instagram application does not allow you to do that, and the truth is that in the current version, you still cannot. Then, the simplest solution will be to create several Instagram accounts, one for your trusted people with whom you share your most personal photos and another for all your followers.

We believe that it is something that costs nothing to do and that you will eventually end up using it because, as we said at the beginning, sooner or later, the need will arise.

Bulk Instagram accounts
Create Instagram accounts

How to Use Multiple Accounts on Instagram

1. Without External Applications

Our particular way of managing different accounts on Instagram, rather than being based on a trick we could say that is based on using a little common sense, something that many times we forget and end up complicating ourselves much more than necessary.

So pay attention to what follows and do not lose the detail of the steps to follow to use different Instagram accounts and have linked accounts on your smartphone.

  • If you already have an Instagram account, open your application, and access your profile. If you have not yet created an Instagram account, then first create an Instagram account or buy an Instagram account.
  • Once inside your profile, you must access the configuration panel. To do this, you have to click on the button in the upper right corner of the application; The button has three vertical dots drawn for the Android version or a cogwheel if your version is for iOS.
  • Inside the configuration panel, look for the ” Exit ” option and click on it, then it will ask you if you are sure, press the ” Exit ” button again. You will automatically log out of your current Instagram account and return to the application’s home screen.
  • At this point, you can choose two options:
  • Haven’t you created a second account yet? If so, choose the registration option and follow the same steps you applied to create your first account. Keep in mind that you CANNOT use the same email address you used to register your other account. So you have to create or buy gmail accounts first.

When you finish the registration, you can use this account to upload your most personal photos and share only with trusted people.

  • You already have a second Instagram account. Then press the “Access” button, enter the username and password, and you can start managing your second account.

2. With External Applications

As you can see, it is something quite obvious and simple, but many people have not even considered the possibility of doing it.

This method of managing different Instagram accounts from the same phone is somewhat rudimentary, but until Instagram has multi-account support, this will be the only fully functional method.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is simply to monitor different accounts and make comments with them. There is a highly recommended application called Fotogramme that allows you to manage different Instagram accounts without having to enter and exit the application every time you change from one to another. And so you can control several Instagram accounts at the same time.

With Fotogramme, you can do practically everything; comment, search, do  Like And even follow or block other Igers (Instagram users), but it has a great disadvantage that it does not allow you to upload photos to Instagram.

Techniques to Get More Visibility on Instagram

As you can see, a good engagement rate is essential for the growth of your account. So the most normal thing to get visibility on Instagram is, focus first on the commission rate.

1.- Interact daily with similar accounts or from your industry

Before posting your next photo, take some time to interact with the content of other accounts in your sector. You should look at those that are part of your niche.

The crucial rule of Instagram is that commitment fuels commitment. So when interacting with other users, you will automatically be increasing the chances of being seen.

For example, if your company profile is for a fashion brand, interact with other fashion brands, influencers in this sector, etc. This way, you will be making yourself known to the right audience that will have some interest in your content.

  • Go to Instagram recommendations on the content you would like (click on the magnifying glass).
  • Search for accounts, including the keywords that interest you most, and go to the “people” search bar. Make sure the keywords are as specific as you can to find the relevant matches.
  • Interact with the most powerful results. But not with the profiles that could be your competition. But with that person, followers.

2.- Work with other content directly before and after posting yours

To get more visibility on Instagram, thanks to engagement, you should focus on the times. That is, a large amount of immediate participation, in the hour following the publication, will tell the algorithm that your content is interesting. And this, automatically, will position it in all the feeds of your followers.

But how is enough interaction generated in such a short time? Interact with other publications before and after launching your content.

Interacting will feed the possibility that other people visit your profile, appreciate your most recent post within the first hour, and therefore, you can get more visibility on Instagram.

 A good engagement rate is vital to get more visibility on Instagram. And for this, the only viable way out is to follow the trends for this year. As you stay behind and do not stay updated, there will be nothing to do.

Instagram is one of the largest and busiest platforms today. In fact, since June 2018, it has more than one billion monthly active users. Even more shocking is that half of them are active every day.

However, the mass audience is not the only reason why Instagram has become an ideal platform for marketing. And the previous data show that it has one of the most engaged audiences.

However, with so many brands competing to get more visibility on Instagram, how do you make sure you make a dent? In full 2020 you must take into account factors such as the new algorithm. It will be he who gives you visibility.

At the bottom of this post, I would like to share one pro tip. You landed on this page to know how to create multiple Instagram accounts? But unfortunately, that’s not an easy task. So I would like to suggest you to check our services where you can purchase Instagram accounts easily.

Do let us know if you face any problem while placing your order. Our experts will happy to assist you.

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