How to Grow Facebook Profile/Page Organically – 5 Facebook Post Reach Trick

Do you have your profile pages on Facebook?

Definitely YES!

That’s true. Most of us are using Facebook as part of our regular life. Getting updates from our known ones without knocking them, whenever they post something. That’s awesome, right?

But sometimes we need to grow our Facebook profile or pages so that we can get more. engagements; like shares, comments, etc.

Because that very important if you are regularly using your Facebook updating accounts. If you are sharing something and no one is reacting to that. It feels embarrassing.

So here I am gonna share some tips and tricks to grow a Facebook profile or page organically.

How to Grow Facebook Profile/Page Organically - 5 Facebook Post Reach Trick 1
Grow Facebook Profile/Page

1. Mix up Your Post Formats

The first tip for extending your organic reach on Facebook is to test out a wide variety of post types. If you mostly post pictures and your reach has been falling off lately, try creating some videos and see how they work. If your videos aren’t getting the same reach as they used to, try creating link posts that highlight content your audience will love.

If you’re getting decent reach regularly even though using the same Facebook post types, trying new ones will keep your content flow fresh and engaging for your audience. In addition, you might find there are post formats on Facebook that perform better. While Facebook has never officially accepted it, many social media marketers believe that Facebook prioritizes most posts in new formats in the News Feed, giving them more reach. Do try out recently-invented post types such as 360 video or Facebook Stories which may have an extra benefit if the algorithm prefers new formats.

Most social media managers know about standard Facebook post formats such as pictures, text, and videos, but there are a crazy number of post formats on Facebook now. Don’t limit yourself to the basic post types, see if you get more organic reach and engagement by writing notes or a list instead of a plain text post and you can also get your audience involved by making a poll or starting a Q&A.

By tracking the average reach of posts in each format, you can gain an understanding of which types are the most relevant to your audience and end up in their News Feeds most often.

2. Go live!

Speaking of trying out new Facebook post types, the most highly recommended one is working with live video content. Live video is unique as it creates a genuine sense of community in the comments section. Everyone is sharing the same viewing experience together at the same time, so they all have a common touchpoint to connect with you. Facebook is very much aware of this—they recently affirmed that live videos get six times as many interactions as the regular video content.

And with the latest Facebook update prioritizing posts that generate more “relevant interactions”, more interactions means more organic reach. That doesn’t mean you will just broadcast a live stream of a picture and watch your content fly to the top of people’s feeds. Facebook has asserted that they lower the reach of ‘graphics-only polls’ that only show static or looping images on the stream. It’s also important that your live videos are actually live.

Users spend three times longer on average watching live streams than watching recordings of a previously live video. Create live video content that rings with your audience and get them to start conversations in the comments, this will make sure that your organic reach grows as a result.

3. Find Your Best Time to Post

When you post content on Facebook, it matters almost as much as the content itself. If you share an amazing article at 4 AM, by the time your audience wakes up, it will already be lost at the end of their News Feeds.

Instead, use Facebook analytics to determine when your fans are mostly online. You can see days and times for your followers which are at the highest on your Page Insights in the Posts section. By posting when your followers are mostly to be browsing Facebook, you increase the chances of your content showing up first in their feeds which means more organic reach.

However, posting at peak hours also means you’ll face stringent competition to get your posts seen in users’ feeds because more people will be posting at these particular times. The best solution is to push out your content just before peak traffic hours so that you’re the first to have your content out when people open Facebook. If you can’t access Facebook analytics or if your fans are online consistently throughout the day, you will have trouble deciding the best time for your posts.

4. Make Your Audience Feel Something

One should never beg for reactions from their followers—but should inspire the followers to react.

One of the most effective ways to increase engagement with your posts and to increase organic reach is to appeal to your followers’ emotions. The more strongly people feel about the piece of content, the more likely they are to react, share, or comment. To increase your Facebook reach, you should create content with headlines that inspire curiosity and interest. The content itself should include twists, fascinating facts, and surprises to keep people’s attention.

If you can manage to encourage such types of emotional reactions, you’ll see your posts getting shared more, starting many conversations, and ultimately ending up higher in users’ feeds.

5. Get Verified on Facebook

You already know what Facebook verification is. It’s the pretty blue badge that shows up next to your Page/profile name that proves you’re kind of a big deal. Being verified on Facebook shows users how your Page is the official representation of you or your brand. This assists you to contrast from fan pages and copycat accounts plus, also establishing trust and authenticity with your audience.

Having the blue verification badge means your Page will rank above other Pages with similar names in the Facebook searches, meaning more organic reach for your profile/page. Plus, the people will be able to find your page in a quick way and will be less likely to follow or interact with unofficial pages.


So, How was everything?

Try to follow all the above tips and definitely you’ll get organic growth in your Facebook profile or pages.

These are the working methods that every social media marketer is following. You must try. Do let me know if you need any help at any point.

At last, I want to tell you that you can even check bulk Facebook accounts for sale which is very affordable price and utilize them to grow your pages/profiles in no time.

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