10 Best Free Email Service Providers In 2024

In the modern age of technology, Email has become a most powerful source of communication between individuals and business companies across the globe. It provides relevant and fast communication. Everyone can get the benefits of Email by creating an account with a specific Email services provider.

In this article, you can get the top 10 popular Email service providers and their important features that help you in choosing free and reliable ESP.


List and comparison of the Best Free Email Service Providers of 2022:


Google provides the services of Gmail. People can use it for personal and business communication. You can get free 15 GB storage from Gmail. But if you want more storage, then you can get the plan offers of Gmail. Google provides the Basic plan of Gmail for $5 per month, Business for $10, and Enterprise for $25. 

Gmail users have access to iOS and Android mobile devices and can share more than 25 MB of files by using Google drive. It can be used offline. It also provides Customised options and Hangouts Meet chat or video call options for its users.


Yahoo is the best free email service provider that was created by the American parent company in 1994. It provides a maximum of one TB storage. Yahoo mail provides other facilities for its users like Yahoo New and Yahoo Groups.

Yahoo provides the option of customising the inbox, so you have complete control of your inbox in sending and receiving messages, photos, audio, and video calls. It provides the best filter to protect the user from scams. Users can integrate their accounts with Facebook and Outlook accounts by using Yahoo mail.


Outlook is a Microsoft-based free email services provider that is best for business communication purposes and multi-app integration. Users can get reliable services in a free Outlook plan like encrypted files ( no one can read communication between two parties), Security, sending and receiving photos, video calls, and messages.

But Outlook offers two premium plans for its users. One premium plane is office 365 home and the other is office 365 personal which is available for $99.99 per year and $69.99 per year respectively. Outlook provides very important features like if a user deletes any message by mistake, Outlook gives the facility to recover it. It has access to iOS and Android so users can get benefits anywhere in the world.


Mail.com is also a free email services provider and it gives the facility of users to choose the domain name from a big list. Users can select the area, location, lifestyle, and profession that match their personality by using Mail.com. This Free mail has services of blocking scams, virus protection, and schedule setting in its features. 

If users receive any fake or scam mail, Mail.com blocks it automatically, and if users are busy somewhere, then it can send mail automatically if the schedule is set. It has access to the mobile app on iOS and Android so users can use it anywhere in the world.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is the best option for those who have small businesses or home base businesses. It offers excellent features for its user but on a lower scale. Users can migrate from G suit to the Zoho app and  Zoho mail by using the Zoho migration tools.

Zoho mail provides customised services so users can manage incoming rules, delete and save emails in bulk, and share folders with business colleagues or friends. It can run on the mobile app iOS and Android so users use it anywhere and anytime on their mobile.

Zoho mail has three plans for its users. Plans Mail Lite provides 5GB per month and per user for $1, Standard provides 30 GB per month and per user for $5, and Professional offers 100GB per month for $6. But users get all the facilities in the free plan of Zoho mail with low storage capacity.

iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is the best opportunity for Mac users. Apple is the services provider of iCloud Mail. This mail offers a 5GB cloud storage capacity for storing and downloading documents or files, audio, and photos.

iCloud has access to IMAP snd iOS and can download the HTML image automatically. It provides the schedule set so if you are busy, set the schedule of mail, afterward it can send mail automatically.

AOL Mail

AOL Mail is also called the AIM mail and is best for interface organisation. AIM has some important features like providing the Undo option to send an email, customising offers to control the AIM calendar, virus protection, and blocking scammers.

It also has access to iOS and Android mobile apps and users can send the 25 MB attachment file. Furthermore, AOL provides some formats like Txt, CSV, and LDIF to import contacts. It also provides a spell-checker.

Proton Mail

Proton mail is the best choice for those people who want to create a secret connection with other parties. Proton mail services give benefits to small and large-scale businesses.

Its services are free but it has three premium plans for business or for those people who consider that free plane is not suited for their work. Its plan is Plus can be bought for $5.66 per month, professional for $9 per month, and visionary for $34 per month. Proton mail’s best feature is that it provides end-to-end encryption and has access to iOS and Android.


GMX is an excellent free services provider and can be used for business and personal purposes. One feature that makes it prominent from other free email services is that it provides high storage with a 63 GB mailbox size and up to 50MB attachment files. In GMX users can choose the time of storing messages.

Users can get a free online 2GB storage and a free online calendar. The company provides favour to its user during any query and has the facility of blocking scammers automatically.

Yandex Mail

Yandex mail is a Russian-based free email services provider and the best for lower-scale businesses. It provides a very powerful secure system, no one can detect its communication. It also provides many other features like a customizable interface, timer, and access to other Yandex services.

Furthermore, it provides 10GB of data storage, protection from fraud, the option of PIN and fingerprint for login, and provides a filter to detect the real email.

Final Thoughts

Every email service provider provides the best feature to its users. Users can get many free facilities by using all of the above-described email service providers.

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