Yahoo Mail vs Gmail: What Is The Difference and Which Is Better?

Yahoo and Gmail debate about which is the better one is still a heated topic for discussion. Since the world has turned into a global village, people prefer to use electronic gadgets to communicate. Mailing has become a popular method of communication, particularly in the corporate world and for providing information about upcoming events. At its finest, Yahoo and Gmail have been vital platforms, functioning as a tool for communication for years, but let’s see which one is better!

Yahoo Mail vs Gmail: What Is The Difference and Which Is Better?
Yahoo Mail vs Gmail

Differences: Yahoo Mail vs Gmail

Gmail and yahoo are not the same. They have differences of their own. The prominent aspects are listed below for both Yahoo and Gmail.

Page Speed

Gmail is undoubtedly the best one for the page speed than Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail is a little bit time-consuming in the sense when you have to open the mails you have to open up a new tab. Or if you need to add attachments a new tab will be required. 

In contrast, Gmail is a single-page interface. You can access your emails or anything on a single page without opening up separate tabs and losing your time.

Design and User Interface

Yahoo mail design is a simple one while looking at the first time. It has a clean user interface. On the other hand, Gmail has a design that is straightforward and without any complexities. Compared to that with Yahoo Mail which has several features which are often considered as disorderly by the people. 

Gmail’s design appears to be more user-friendly than Yahoo’s. Gmail allows users to create their own labels, which helps organise their email into categories such as primary, promotions, and so on. The best feature of Gmail is the ability to view attachments without having to open the email. Yahoo has a user interface that is friendly as well, although it is not as clear and polished as Gmail’s. Yahoo’s folders are not at all user-friendly.

Yahoo Mail’s features are without any ads popping and are limited. Features that Gmail includes are filters, advanced search money transfer, priority inbox, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Spam Handling

Gmail tackles spam in a very expert manner. For instance, if you label email spam and any other email similar to that came across, Gmail will automatically move it to the spam folder. In contrast to Yahoo Mail you have to move mail to the spam folder on your own. They are not done automatically. This makes Yahoo Mail more challenging for its users. You have to figure out on your own which is spam mail or not.


Yahoo Mail is considered to have a larger storage capacity of 1 TB than Gmail Mail which is only 15 GB.


Yahoo Mail allows its users to send the attachment file up to 25 MB. But, if you have to send files of more than 2 GB you have to pay for the Yahoo plus. On the other hand, attachments can be sent which are 25 MB but can send the files from Google Drive with the size up to 10 GB.


Gmail security is considered the most reliable and effective one in contrast to Yahoo Mail. For this purpose, Gmail will ask its users to have stronger and safer passwords with a two-step authentication method.

A research was conducted in 2016 in which some of the hackers tried to hack into many Gmail accounts but were only accomplished with half of them. While on the other side Yahoo accounts were banned with a ratio of three billion.

Thus, choosing from Yahoo and Gmail for privacy purposes, Gmail is the safest and guaranteed one.


Yahoo Mail pops up the ads on the right side on a vertical banner. Mostly the ads consist of images and the ones which are sponsored ones are shown on the left side. Yahoo Mail provides its users with a benefit with ads, one that you can pay for the ads-free service which is $49.99 annually.

However, Gmail has its ads in the form of texts for both the sponsored ones and non sponsored. These ads will be shown on the top in a single.


This feature is the same for both Yahoo and Gmail emails. The emails will be sorted out in your inbox in quite a systematised manner. Different folders are built for different types of mails in Yahoo but the thing is you have to sort them out manually.

If we look at Gmail it is a bit different than your emails will be sorted out with the help of labels and not folders.


Gmail is considered the most professional in contrast to Yahoo. This feature is considered in Gmail more than the Yahoo one because of its professional themes and many business features which are beneficial in the corporate world.

Final Thoughts

The discussion of choosing Yahoo or Gmail Mail will be ongoing and heated. Both the mails are updated regularly and have new features, functions. Adding to this both the mails have their mailing portals with their advantages. 

Checking which one is good for you, you should first use both of them for a short while. And after that figure out what is the best one for you while experiencing the features of both. 

They both are best at their ways and can be used for a smooth purpose. Again considering all the aspects of both can lead you to a solution. Because the debate of which is better will be ongoing and not stoppable. Everyone has different tastes and uses in their daily lives.

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FAQ: Gmail vs Yahoo Mail

Which One is Better, Gmail or Yahoo Mail?

Gmail and Yahoo both have their pros and cons. And due to this, some will like Yahoo Mail more than Gmail Mail and vice versa. A mailing portal can be used which will be considered best for you.

Should I switch from Yahoo to Gmail?

This thing depends on you, if you find the Gmail features beneficial then the Yahoo ones you can switch over to that.

Is Gmail more professional than Yahoo?

According to the people reviews Gmail is having more of a professional vibe than Yahoo.

Should I Delete an Old Yahoo Email Account?

If the account is no longer in use of you for a longer while you should delete that account.

Why is Yahoo better than Google?

Yahoo does have some advantages which Gmail doesn’t offer. And some people will find Yahoo better than Gmail. Yahoo Mail will have a clean user interface and better storage which are its plus points.

Why Should I Buy Gmail Accounts Over Yahoo Mail?

If you are a user who likes extensive features and wants a secure account you should opt for the Gmail mails.

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