Powerful Twitter Marketing Tools To Grow Your Audience

Twitter is a famous and widely used powerful social media. The presence of 187 million monetizable daily active users is very useful for digital marketers if they are willing to run marketing campaigns on Twitter.

82% of B2B marketers use Twitter for organic content marketing. Businesses, marketers, and advertisers show their interest in marketing on Twitter. But they need a perfect marketing strategy to grow a business.

There are so many tools provided by Twitter for such marketers to reach a good audience and increase engagement. And also to grow a business through Twitter, one needs their content to be shared among others.

Powerful Twitter Marketing Tools To Grow Your Audience
Powerful Twitter Marketing Tools To Grow Your Audience

So quality content is the key to success and it will surely increase the social reach and engagement.

1. Sendible

Sendible is a powerful Twitter tool that helps to manage accounts. Using this tool, anyone can schedule tweets, answer direct messages and monitor mentions. This tool enables the users to monitor the brand’s status by comparing the analytics and other features.

And also this tool helps to find the trending content related to the user’s niche. So that the user can like, respond and retweet them as an interaction with other Twitter users.

2. Click to Tweet

This tool enables the users to create shareable links that can be used by the user’s audience to share that brand easily. And also along with that, the users can track the number of clicks and interactions of those links.

If the user has a WordPress site, he or she can install the free plugin related to this and generate links from the WordPress editor. Anyone can use this Click to Tweet too for free up to five links per month.

3. Tweet Deck

Tweet Deck is owned by Twitter. This tool helps anyone to real time tracking, organizing, engagement as well as scheduling. Tweets can be scheduled and analyzed by this tool. This tool also comes with features like column filter and that column filter helps to customize searches by keywords, date, and time.

This tool which is provided by Twitter itself for Twitter users is free to use. No need to pay monthly or yearly to take use of this.

4. Social Snap

This tool which also supports twitter is a WordPress plugin which can be installed from the WordPress editor. This tool makes it easy for the user to share the content among Twitter users and other audiences to increase social reach and engagement. WordPress users can add a social share button for Twitter on their blog with this social snap WordPress plugin.

This also supports Twitter cards and allows the user to control the way the tweet appears on Twitter. Using the plugin’s in-built analytics feature, users can monitor the progress of their performance of the content on Twitter easily.

5. Hashtagify

As the name says, this tool is related with hashtags. Hashtagify users can enter a hashtag and see the stats of that hashtag through this tool. It provides stats like popularity, trending status, related hashtags, top influencers related with the same hashtag.

6. Group Tweet

This is also a powerful Twitter marketing tool which helps to analyze the activities and schedule the tweets. A special feature of this tool is integrating it with other social media scheduling tools.

This tool also has a spate and valuable tool which enables to communicate privately on Twitter groups and provide account access without sharing Twitter passwords. So in overall, it is clear that this tool is specially made to increase the performance of a Twitter account.

Bottom Line

Using the above tools helps anyone who uses Twitter to reach a good audience easily. Most of them provide features like scheduling posts and checking analytics. They are very helpful in Twitter marketing.

They also support marketing strategies to succeed. They help to bring the user’s posts and tweets to a large audience. As a result, the user gets huge popularity and engagement because of the reach.

So it is crystal clear that Twitter is one of the most valuable social media platforms for marketing and the tools related to that platform are very effective when someone needs to grow their audience on Twitter. You can also buy bulk twitter accounts for bulk marketing.

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