How To Make Facebook Cover Photo Private?

If you haven’t set your cover photo’s privacy settings in Facebook, do it now. Your profile cover is one of the first things people see when they land on your page; thus, its privacy is paramount. This article will show you how to make your Facebook cover photo private, in order to safeguard your personal information and maintain control over your online presence.

How To Make Facebook Cover Photo Private

Understanding Facebook Privacy Settings

However, before we can begin to discuss making your cover photo private, let us first understand what Facebook privacy settings are all about and how they function.

Privacy Basics on Facebook

Among others, various types of privacy settings exist on facebook which allow a user to select who should have access to his or her content. This knowledge is essential for managing personal privacy effectively.

The Importance of Cover Photo Privacy

Many users think more about the way their posts and profile information are secured than their cover photos though these pictures can be seen by everyone visiting any person’s page.

Steps to Steps guide of how to Make Your Facebook Cover Photo Private

Now that we know the importance of cover photo privacy, let us see how it can be achieved.

Step 1: Navigate to Your Facebook Profile Settings
To get started, go to your Facebook profile and find the settings menu.
Step 2: Pick up the Right Privacy Option
In the settings menu, there are various options in which you can customize your profile’s privacy. You will also find the cover photos section.
Step 3: Change Cover Photo Privacy Settings
When you have found the cover photo privacy settings then choose who should view your cover photo. These options include “Public”, “Friends” or “Only Me”.
Step 4: Save Your Changes
After picking the preferred privacy option ensure that you save changes so that they take effect.

Additional Tips for Keeping Your Privacy on Facebook intact

Though adjusting your cover photo privacy is a key measure, there are other ways through which you can maintain high levels of privacy on this platform.

Reviewing Friend Requests

Always be careful about whom you accept as friends on Facebook since they will gain access to more of your content including the cover photo. Privacy audits are so regular.

Regular Privacy Audits

Review your privacy settings on a regular basis and make adjustments as necessary taking into consideration changes in your preferences or circumstances.

Limiting Tagging and Sharing

You may want to consider limiting who can tag you in photos and share posts as this may affect the visibility of your cover photo.

Utilizing Third-Party Tools for Enhanced Privacy

Besides Facebook’s own privacy settings, there are third-party tools and applications that can also enhance user privacy while on the site.

Privacy-Focused Browser Extension

There is a group of browser extensions specifically aimed at making browsing on Facebook more private. Some of these extensions come with additional features that help control those who can view your profile and its contents.

Photo Privacy Apps

Some photo privacy apps enable users to decide who will see each picture including their cover image. These apps usually give detailed authority about whether people can see, download or share photos.


In conclusion, ensuring that your Facebook cover photo remains private is a crucial component in managing your online presence. Through understanding the privacy settings of Facebook and following the steps as outlined in this article, you can take charge of who can view your cover photo and keep your privacy intact on the platform. Periodically rechecking and revising them as per the relevant differences or preferences is always advisable. Consequently, you will be provided with safer and more private solutions while using Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Change the Privacy Settings for an Existing Cover Photo?

To alter the privacy settings for an existing cover photo, access your profile first, then click on it to reveal a drop down menu where you could choose edit privacy option. Then, it allows one to change the visibility settings depending on his or her preference.

Will Making My Cover Photo Private Hide It from Everyone, Including My Friends?

No, only users without permission to see it based on chosen privacy settings won’t be able to see your cover picture. However, unless otherwise restricted by you they can still view it.

Can I Make My Cover Photo Private on Mobile Devices?

Yes; one could customize his or her cover photos’ privacy setting using the facebook mobile app. Accessing profiles will assist users to tap on their selected covers before choosing prompts which would lead them into editing such kinds of profiles.

What Happens If I Tag Someone in My Cover Photo?

If you tag someone in your cover photo, their friends will be able to see it regardless of the privacy settings. However, they will only have a view of the tagged individual and not the whole cover photo.

Can I Make My Cover Photo Visible to Everyone Except for Some People?

Definitely, you can customize who can see your cover photo using Facebook’s privacy settings, including excluding some people or groups from seeing it while making it visible to others.

Will Making My Cover Photo Private Affect Its Visibility in Search Results?

Yes, changing the privacy of your cover picture would affect its visibility on search engine results. If you put “Only Me”, don’t expect that it is highly likely to show up when searched whereas ticking “Public” increases its visibility in search engines.

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