Ultimate Guide for Twitter Cover Photo Size

What is a Twitter Cover Photo?

A Twitter cover photo is an image that people put up on their Twitter profiles. This is also known as the Twitter header photo and banner. When a person creates a Twitter accounts, he/she needs to put his/her image to make the account identifiable. Furthermore, it plays a very important role in a profile’s engagement.

Twitter Cover Photo Size
Twitter Cover Photo Size

A Twitter cover photo is different from a Twitter profile photo. A Twitter profile photo is an icon which is known as an avatar that appears online when you send a tweet while a Twitter cover photo is a background image.

Importance of Twitter Cover Photo OR Twitter Header Graphic

Twitter cover photos can be an important factor in how others view your Twitter account. It can also be a determinant someone considers when he/she is trying to choose whether to follow you or not.

As accompanying all social media platforms, it is all about branding! So, it is a great move to make a Twitter header graphic that is mesmerising, a header graphic that is valid to your brand and helps the audience to understand swiftly what you are all about. Keeping a compatible look between your profile and Twitter cover image makes you and your brand easily identifiable, and keeps your online presence contender.

It is a free advertisement. A Twitter cover photo is not only the first image that people visiting your profile see, but it’s also the greatest, creating an almost billboard effect.

Business growth is a vital concern for any brand that is the reason why the brands are promoted in the header region of the Twitter page then the possibility of lead generation increases a lot. By putting a Twitter cover photo, you can reach thousands of customers at a time within a fraction of a second to promote your brand’s services or products. It is a cost-effective way of promoting your business.

A creative header or cover image attracts the attention of your intended audience. This forces them to go through your information in depth and triggers them to visit again and make a purchase decision about your product or service.

Compatible image shapes and sizes must be maintained. So that image can be clear properly on all types of gadgets like tabs, smartphones, desktops, & laptops. The perfect resolution demands to be maintained to make sure better visibility of the cover image.

Ultimate Guide for Twitter Cover Photo Size

If you take Twitter seriously as a platform, it is high time you should take Twitter’s banner image or Twitter cover photo seriously too. And an enormous part of that image is the Twitter header picture. The Twitter header is the most visible part of your Twitter profile and is well worth your time.

Even though Twitter has set some specific requirements for header photo size, getting the measurements just right is still devilishly tough. That is because, even if you meet the required criteria, the Twitter dimensions header has a quirky habit of removing a portion of your Twitter cover photo.

So, is there any solution to avoid this problem? Well! It is now time to be motivated and artistic. And to help you jump into that creativity, there is a list of five ideas given below for creating a perfect beautiful Twitter header picture that accurately represents your identity on your Twitter account;

  • The perfect image size for a Twitter header photo for cover photo or banner image is 1500px by 500px.
  • Remember that cover photos appear differently on different devices. It may happen that you will be required to crop your Twitter cover photo to around 60px on both the top and bottom of your header photo, so keep a piece of essential information near the centre.
  • Do not forget that your Twitter profile photo will also stop up part of your Twitter header photo in the lower-left corner, so keep away from putting any important visual information there.
  • Twitter supports those photos that are in JPEG, GIF, or PNG file formats.
  • If you face any errors in the Twitter header photo uploading process, make sure that your browser is up-to-date, or you can also try using a different browser.

Keeping following the header sizing conditions can be a bit mind-boggling. Adobe Express can keep you away from such irritating things simply by providing professionally designed templates that are already sized suitably for your header photo space. Find a free template that reverberates with your creativity and customise it to perfection. Always remember to keep all vital visual information in the central safe zone.

Twitter Profile Image Size

  • The perfect image size for a Twitter profile image is considered 400px by 400px.
  • Your Twitter profile photo will be uploaded as a square, but it appears as a circle throughout the website. Be sure that your Twitter profile image keeps up its unification when it is cropped into a circle.
  • If you get lost in any essential details in the cropping process of your Twitter profile photo, try using a different picture.
  • Twitter helps with images that are in JPEG, GIF, or PNG file formats.
  • The maximum file size for a Twitter profile image is considered 2 MBs.

Try to keep your Twitter profile picture compatible to increase your brand awareness. Also, avoid using logos or quotes in your avatar if you are not presenting a business brand. It is best to use a full-face picture on a formal background image. Put your best picture with the front face and try different angles to get the most favourable headshot.


An inadequately placed Twitter profile picture or cover image can destroy the whole visible experience of your Twitter stream. By following the above-mentioned directions and guidelines, your Twitter profile images and cover pictures will be optimised for the platform and build a favourable impression on your audience.

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