Multiple LinkedIn for Lead Generation – Tips and Tricks in 2024

Multiple LinkedIn accounts can be used for lead generation. By having multiple LinkedIn accounts you can grow and boost your business. There are some facts one needs to keep in mind such as one should not use/share cookies between them because it can interrupt privacy. So just for the sake of privacy one should not accept cookies.  

As LinkedIn does not give access to multiple accounts. So, one needs to use some tricks to get access to it.  In chrome book it is not possible to create it, so one should create different users by logging in mails on the PC. Here are some steps to know how to add a chrome session for those who use windows, apple, or links.  

First of all, you need to click the icon of your chrome session.  It can be a letter, picture, or profile picture that you have used. By clicking on it you will see all accounts that are already added to it.  The next step involves clicking on the add button by which you can add another user by which you will be logging in to another chrome session.

After you are done adding another chrome session. For that, you need to add a new name and picture.  By adding your name and picture you will be done with your new chrome session completion. No one needs to connect to Linkedln with the new account that is created.  And then afterward one can download the extension as per his choice. 

By doing this, one will be able to use several chrome sessions on PC simultaneously. Doing so means you have different LinkedIn accounts without even sharing cookies. Because cookies are usually specific to the chrome session. You are advised to use almost four chrome sessions for LinkedIn at a time otherwise your PC can get overloaded. 

Multiple LinkedIn for Lead Generation

What is lead generation?

Lead Generation means generation of content. Who can find what they are looking for, how to serve, and how far they can go.

In the ambit of web and social media marketing, there is no need to end up selling lead generation or funnel. Effectively, these are very important in commerce strategies or marketing strategies, but also in modalities to get in touch with new users to convert them into real customers.

Purpose of lead generation:

Lead generation is a crucial goal for any business that wants to drive steady and stable revenue. Companies use different sales and marketing strategies to generate contacts (as we will see later), but it is always essential to rely on well-defined processes.

First of all, the prosecution treats the material, to get all the records. What, what’s with Nintendo with the lead generation of expression? Let’s talk about the term apparel in the world of marketing. When it comes to lead generation, we aim to generate specific representations of consumables potentially interested in products and services offered by an agency.

Today’s top marketing priority is reaching the right audience and accurately reporting results. LinkedIn helps you achieve both of these goals with highly efficient professional targeting filters and accurate analytics tools. 

LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms:

LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms are a great platform for finding quality leads. Lead Generation Forms are custom forms that you can add to your Sponsored Content or message ads that populate with information from the prospect’s LinkedIn profile.

Why lead on LinkedIn?

According to a Wpromote report on the state of B2B marketing, 89% of industry professionals use LinkedIn to generate leads and 62% of them claim to do so. This doubles the results of the next most important social channel.

Some lead generation tips on LinkedIn:

We are going to share some of the most important lead generation tips on LinkedIn:

Complete your profile

As we know the first impression is the last, so in that regard, your profile on LinkedIn plays a crucial role. It depends completely on having a complete and up-to-date profile.

Don’t forget about SEO

Do you think SEO only works for Google? Mistake: the same assumption can help you optimize your presence on multiple platforms, including your LinkedIn profile. So you need to properly optimize your profile.

Affix with the people who visit your profile

When someone visits your profile, LinkedIn informs you by sending a notification. Well, these notifications can be a very fascinating resource to generate leads.

Find connections on LinkedIn

Remember that if you want to generate leads on LinkedIn, you don’t have to wait for other users to come to you: you can go find them.

Post attractive content

Boosting your profile and company page will help you improve your visibility on LinkedIn.

Side by side to make use of LinkedIn

Advice leads and sales B2B First of all, it is necessary to develop a personal profile and relate with the experimental experience and the formation with which it counts. Definite a phrase claw with those who are other empires you can search and count with the recommendations of ex-comparators or students of your value to your profile. The treat, plus a form of vendors and exposure to the whole world is what it is.

Buy Linkedin accounts with connections

This awesome way to buy aged linkedin accounts with 500+ or 1000+ connections, which will definitely gonna help you.

These tips will help you make your campaigns more efficient and effective for you and your customers.


LinkedIn is undoubtedly a great tool for lead generation, and if you know how to use it properly, then it will be much easier to convert your prospects into your paying customers. Lead generation could be very useful and beneficial in terms of sunning traffic into sales and generating leads for several websites. It can also help you to find ready-to-buy leads. In lead generation, leafy identify the corporate visitor that would come back to you and report you. 

There are steps that can be helpful while using multiple LinkedIn for lead generation. Such as in the first step lead generation helps to monitor existing customers and to discover new prospects.  The second step is customer intelligence in which it gathers real-time data on your both maximize sale and buyer persona. The third step is SAAS, in which there is discover-in-app user behavior. It can also help to increase the rate of both conversation and retention. In the end fourth and the last step is integration in which there would be seamless integration with your CRM tools. This is how one lead generation would be helpful for the usage of multiple LinkedIn. 

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