How to Introduce Your Business on Instagram

Instagram is a social media app that allows users to share photos and videos from their lives, add captions, edit filters, tweak settings, engage with others, explore and creep, and so, so much more — you just have to know what you’re doing so you don’t get overwhelmed! – Instagram

Instagram is not a difficult medium to master; marketing your business through Instagram is a method that every entrepreneur should take advantage of. It will assist in brand creation and allows the company to reach out to a new segment of the market.

That Perfect Photo

Your profile picture is going to be competing for attention with a multitude of others. You need to ensure that your photo is both eye-catching and in high definition. Nothing is a bigger turn-off than some out of focus snap, taken in poor lighting. If that is going to be the quality of content that this user shares, then why should I bother?

Depending on your marketing strategy, you may choose to use a photo of you to represent the company or your company logo. Steer clear of poor quality amateur looking logos. Whichever you choose, photo or logo, remember that it will be displayed very small, so if your logo includes text, it may well be unreadable.

How to Introduce Your Business on Instagram
Business on Instagram

A Creative Bio

The purpose of your bio is to assist new visitors to your Instagram account to get a feel of your company, its culture, and an understanding of what you do. You only have 150 characters maximum to achieve this, so your writing should be both concise and captivating. It should be grammatically correct and devoid of spelling mistakes. Make it count by getting straight to the point.

Just 150 words that are going to answer all the questions that the reader might have. Issues that make it clear who you are, a motivation for following you (full of information or entertaining to read), and why this particular Instagram account is one that they should follow.

The wonder of Instagram is that it has such a broad potential audience, yet the biggest drawback is also that there is so much competing material.

Ask your self these questions (from the perspective of your audience) when trying to create your bio:

  • Who is this business?
  • Why should I follow them?
  • What’s special or unique about them?
  • What makes them stand out from their competitors?

That First Post

Having completed your Instagram profile, it is now time for that all-important first post. Do not think that having created your profile, you must just get something posted and rush this step. This first post that people receive from you may also be the last if they are not impressed.

You have a choice here; you can post an image or a video. Whichever you choose, it should be well thought out, and just like the profile picture, it should be quality and purposeful. You know your motivation for posting, and that is to promote your business. However, a desire to know about your business is only of interest to the viewer, if it is either educational – it tells them something they didn’t know, or it entertains them, and they enjoy your post. Every viewer on Instagram subconsciously will ask themselves why I should give my attention to this post? What is in it for me?

The Art of Conversation

Even before you publish your first post, you should be involved in the community of potential followers/customers. Interact with people, so they are aware of you before they see your first post. Understand that Instagram marketing can be potent, but it will also require your time.

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