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Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. It has more than a billion users and is used by millions of people on a daily basis. Facebook is mainly used to connect with your friends, meet new people, create a community, grow your business etc. People use it for personal and business uses. Apart from using it as a social media platform, many people and businesses use it as a marketing platform to promote their products and services. Nowadays, every business has their own Facebook pages to market their products and to connect with potential customers. With millions of daily users, businesses are able to find new customers easily on Facebook.

Facebook Cover Photo Size
Facebook Cover Photo Size

The Facebook cover photo should be 820px by 312px in size. The suggested Facebook cover photo size for desktop is 820px × 312px and for mobile, the ideal size is 640 × 360 pixels. The recommended Facebook cover photo size is different for both desktop and mobile. The cover photo of Facebook is displayed differently on different devices so it is essential to note the size differences for all devices.

However, if you want to utilise a single image that looks good on desktop and mobile, 820 by 462 pixels appears to be the best option. The fastest way to load your image is to use an sRGB JPG file that must be less than 100 kilobytes. Your JPG file should be 810 × 315 pixels for the Facebook cover photo.

Importance of Cover Photos on Facebook

Many people choose not to update cover photos on Facebook because they are not aware of its benefits and the possibilities a cover photo holds. Cover photos are a great way to attract the attention of people on Facebook. If you’re running a business and you own a facebook page, then updating the profile picture and cover photo should be the first thing to do.

Uploading the right cover photo on Facebook is very important for both people and business. The very first thing visitors will see is your cover photo, which is why it’s crucial to create the best initial impression that reflects your aims. Remember that your Facebook cover photo serves as a billboard, so try to focus on your community. Additionally, keep in mind that if your cover image violates any of Facebook’s Cover Photo Guidelines, Facebook may suspend or delete your account. Therefore, take care not to include any false, misleading, or copyrighted information.

It is always better to choose a cover photo that has something to do with your brand. Update your cover photo with something that speaks about you or your business. Make sure that your cover photo is unique and speaks about the mission of your business. There is no use in updating an irrelevant cover photo on Facebook.

What is the recommended Facebook cover photo size?

Facebook cover images are an excellent way to personalise your business profile. They make a big visual impression because they are the first thing visitors see when they land on your page. The Facebook cover photo for a Page must be customised and should represent your company. Furthermore, it should be of decent quality and perfectly optimised for display. Make sure to avoid irrelevant or blurry photos.

This article will discuss the ideal Facebook cover photo dimensions and cover photo tips to ensure that your images accurately represent your company. Your cover image must comply with the following Facebook rules:

  • On desktops, your photo should be 820px by 312px. This will make your cover photo stand out.
  • On smartphones, the dimensions will be 640px by 360px. Both personal and business pages have the same dimensions.
  • The sRGB JPG files the dimensions 851 px by 315 px and less than 100 kilobytes.
  • In profile images and cover photos, using a PNG file for logos and text may produce better results. You can also upload and make adjustments to an image whose dimensions are a little off.
  • With Facebook’s repositioning option, you may adjust the size of your cover photo. The interesting thing about this is that Facebook simply cropped the image instead of stretching and squeezing it. This is great since it prevents aspect ratio distortion, ensuring that your image looks great.
  • When you are using text on the cover image, such as a call-to-action (CTA), you should check the Facebook mobile app to ensure there’s nothing wrong. For instance, if your cover image is too short, the edges of your image (or a few of your CTA’s characters) may be cropped on the mobile.

What is the Facebook cover photo size for desktop and mobile?

You can update your Facebook cover photo on both desktop and mobile. When creating a Facebook cover photo, keep in mind that it will appear differently on both mobile and desktop. The Facebook cover photo you create will look good on both devices, though, if you design with the Facebook guidelines.

Facebook cover photo for mobile

Fortunately, Facebook automatically trims an image rather than stretching and distorting it to fit a specific dimension. The Facebook cover photo would be cropped to show more of the cover photo’s height when viewed on a mobile device.

Facebook cover photo for desktop

In contrast, Facebook crops the top and bottom of the cover photo on desktop devices while displaying more of the width.

We advise creating Facebook cover photos that are 820 by 312 pixels to avoid any distortion. By doing this, you can make sure that your cover photo’s important elements won’t be missed on desktop or mobile devices.

What are the rules of Facebook for cover photo size?

Many users disregard social network guidelines and act independently. Make sure you review all branded profile criteria in addition to the Facebook cover photo requirements. Remember the following points while updating cover photo on Facebook :

Cover images must be genuine, which means they cannot be fraudulent, misleading, or malevolent in any way. Since cover images are seen by the general public, you must select an image that will appeal to a large group of both potential followers and devoted fans. As a form of advertising, brands are prohibited from asking customers to upload their Facebook cover image to their timelines.

Keep It Clear

When you have practiced the guidelines and are able to start looking for the ideal image, be sure to pick a perfect design. Your visitors want a clear introduction to your business, despite the temptation to stuff your material with keywords and information.

Feature the Character of Your Brand

The average business underestimates the power of images. In fact, visuals can be understood faster than words. You may engage with your audience and capture their attention with the proper Facebook photo cover before they view your posts.

As a result, it’s critical to make sure your cover photo accurately conveys the work your brand accomplishes. This not only guarantees that your customer is on the correct page but also that you offer a more consistent online picture for your business.

What are the key components of a Facebook Cover Photo?

You are already aware of the guidelines that should guide your selection of a Facebook cover photo size. Simply choose an image that appeals to your target market and encourages them to click the “follow” or “send message” buttons. Although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all technique to the ideal cover photo, the following are some of the most popular pictures:


A tiny bit of text, such as a short slogan, might serve to explain your company, too much content might impact your photo. Importantly, while trying to focus the audience’s attention, stay away from employing directional indicators like arrows.


Go for a relevant picture to update as your cover photo. The picture you select should be compatible with your company’s mission and the interests of your target market. It might be challenging to select the ideal images and design for your Facebook cover photo. This is the only opportunity to make a good first impression on potential clients.

Final thoughts

With more than a billion users, Facebook is still a giant when it comes to social media platforms. It’s one of the best platforms to grow your business if you run any. However make sure your cover photo is updated to the best one first. The right cover photo size is very important while updating cover photos on Facebook. The Facebook cover photo size is 820 × 312 pixels this means that your cover image should not exceed this limit. The cover photo size is different for both desktop and mobile, for desktop, it is 820 by 312 pixels and for mobile, it is 640 by 360 pixels. Facebook slightly cropped the cover photo on mobile which is great because it does not squeeze the actual image and avoids any kind of distortion. Through this technique, your cover photo seems very clear and accurate. Before you create your Facebook cover photo it is essential to follow the guideline provided by Facebook to display your image without any problems.

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