Why My Facebook Ad Was Rejected and How to Fix It

A notification that can regularly be appeared next to your advertisements is the rejected notification. It is normally used to signify that there is a need to change the advertisement or you need to choose a different market to target. Users always have the option to submit ads again after making corrections that are required. Advertisements will be approved after a few minutes of making corrections.

But some ads will be rejected by Facebook soon and for some other ads facebook doesn’t provide any ways to modify them. You need to be careful while creating advertisements. Make sure that it is according to the rules and regulations set by facebook if you want it to be approved. Read further to know more about the reasons why your ad was rejected by Facebook and what are ways to fix this issue.

Why My Facebook Ad Was Rejected and How to Fix It 1

Reasons why facebooks ads are rejected

Did Facebook reject your ad? You must be thinking about the ways to avoid your ads getting continuous rejections

There are a lot of reasons for Facebook to reject your ads. Facebook has tight rules when it comes to advertisements. Content that is not according to facebook rules and regulations will be disapproved. Advertisements relating to any delicate subjects like drugs, guns, gambling, adult materials etc are not accepted by Facebook.

  • Untrue or exaggerated claims: Your ads will be rejected if it’s misleading the audience or contains any false or exaggerated claims. This can include ads where it can trick the viewers using photos and videos that are edited and other false testimonials or endorsements.
  • Lack of accuracy: Facebook requires users to provide accurate information while making ads. If you’re promoting any goods or services, the information provided on ads about goods, services and deals you provide should be accurate and with no false information. Using wrong photos, descriptions and price can be a reason for Facebook to reject your ads.
  • Violations of intellectual property: If you’re using any trademarked or copyrighted content on your ads, then your ads will be rejected by facebook soon. Using copyrighted content is against the rules. You’re not supposed to use any trademarked photos, logos etc.
  • If your advertisements contain poor grammar and spelling, it will be rejected since it would be difficult for users to understand what you’re trying to convey through your ads. Be accurate with what you’re trying to say through your ads.
  • If any ads have broken the guidelines made by facebook in respect to its advertising rules, the ads will be rejected. Facebook has some procedures when it comes to ads to ensure that ads are suitable and are according to rules set by the community.
  • Ads will be rejected when targeting criterias are not accepted. There are restrictions to certain targeting by Facebook.
  • In order for the facebook ads to be accepted, the landing pages for ads need to be effective and should be according to rules of Facebook. When people click on these ads, they are usually taken to the website’s landing pages. The website should be operational and should not be against any rules set by facebook.
  • If the image or any content in your ads provide any false information, it will be taken down by Facebook. Facebook requires Facebook ads to be truthful to its users.
  • If your ads contain any billing details, make sure that it is completed or provide the correct information. Wrong details can lead to rejection. Advertisers are supposed to have a good and working payment method and it should be mentioned in the ad.
  • If your ad was rejected and taken down from Facebook, you can get the reason on why it was removed from Facebook. You can get any further clarification by contacting Facebook. Make sure that your ad is according to the rules of Facebook.

How To Fix Facebook Ad Rejected Issues:

Before posting your ad on Facebook, you need to carefully check the content of your ad to make sure that it is according to the advertising policies of facebook. If you find any issues while checking, correct it to get approval from facebook. If your content was rejected because of any restricted content in your ad, then you need to edit and make the necessary changes to get the green signal from Facebook. Make sure that your ad properly depicts the goods or service you provide. No false claims or misleading information should form part of your advertisements.

If your ad was taken down by Facebook due to any copyright infringement, then it’s better to get authorization from the original owners before using any copyrighted content on your ads. Make sure to cross check and proofread your ad and it’s content to avoid issues of grammar and spelling.

Here are some steps you can take if your Facebook ad was turned down to try to fix the situation:

Examine Facebook’s advertising guidelines

Before posting the ad, make sure that all the content of your ad, landing page, and targeted criteria are according to the rules set by Facebook. Check the link below to know in detail about the advertising policies of Facebook.

Make any necessary alterations to your advertisement

There are a lot of reasons why your ad should be rejected by Facebook. If it was due to any violation, you need to update it according to the rules. You need to check in detail each component of your ad to make sure that there are no issues.

Resubmit your ad for review

After making the necessary editing and corrections to your advertisements, you need to submit it again. If there are no issues, then it will be accepted by Facebook.

Message Facebook for assistance

If you want to know the reason why your ad was taken down or if your ad has been taken down even after making necessary changes, then you can contact Facebook help to know more about the issue in detail. Check the link below to receive assistance with your advertisements.

https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/1654651818251022, has contact details and directions for receiving assistance with your ads.


Facebook and its rules have changed in the last few years. Rules related to ads have become more tough for people. This is to protect the users itself. Your ads will be rejected or approved depending on the content that your ad has.

If your ad was taken down by Facebook and you have no idea about why, then you can go through the common reasons to check whether you’ve violated any Facebook rules or not. If you find any violations, you can make necessary changes to it and submit again. If you’re still facing any issues, the best thing you can do is to contact the facebook business help to review your ad.

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