How to Activate Facebook Dating?

Wanna know how to Activate Facebook Dating?

If you are single and ready to mingle, you will not run out of dating platforms. Facebook knows you better than yourself; hence it has decided to find your love.  Facebook dating makes it easier to find love through what you like, helping you start meaningful relationships through things you have in common like interests, events, and groups. Facebook is introducing a new dating function as an ad on your Facebook ad.

To use Facebook  dating, you have to create a completely new profile within your Facebook profile, with your first name, nine photos and answer a series of questions that are supposed to make it easier for potential matches to break the ice. 

How to Activate Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating

Facebook’s dating feature combines the best of applications such as Tinder and Bumble with the largest social network on the planet. In Facebook Dating, you can form romantic relationships with others on the social network. 

Facebook, known as the most used social media platform around the globe, has now introduced a new feature: Facebook Dating launched in September 2019. This feature allows you to connect with people you love who have the same interests through events and groups. You can find someone who enjoys your company through conversations and sharing pictures.

Just like Bumble and Tinder, Facebook Dating intends to help people meet their romantic partners. It is there in the Facebook mobile app and does not have the web version yet. You don’t have to make a separate dating profile as the app extracts information like name and age from the main profile. It then recommends your profile to people with similar interests as yours. Your profile would be only shown to the ones who have Facebook dating activated. Your profile is not visible to your Facebook friends. However, if you add someone later on whom you have added on Facebook dating, you can see their profile. 

The most concerning factor for the users is their privacy, and Facebook assures them that their safety and security are prioritized in every means. There are options like reporting or blocking anyone who violates any terms and conditions, introduced by Facebook dating. 

Would we need to create a separate profile?

There is no need to create a separate dating profile since Facebook uses information from your existing profile to suggest possible matches based on common interests. Your profile will be visible to anyone who has Facebook Dating turned on.

To use Facebook Dating, you must first create a Facebook account. Whenever you use the dating function, you should fill out your profile as thoroughly as possible since it is based on your normal profile. 

There is no separate Facebook Dating app or Facebook Dating site, as the functionality is integrated into the Facebook mobile app.

Necessary things to have a Facebook account for facebook dating

• Photos and other information from your dating profile do not show up on your normal Facebook profile. 

• Messenger and Facebook dating chats are kept separate

• You are still able to access their dating profile If you become friends with a person after matching with them on Facebook Dating

How does facebook Dating work?

Facebook dating is a safe space, and it automatically suggests the users with the same preferences and interests. It offers you a story feature, where you can share stories of your activities so that people know better about you. You can also use the Secret Crush option, where you can add your crush to your list. 

Facebook dating is a diverse program without discriminating color, caste, religion, gender, or sexual identity. This feature is only available to people who are 18 or above. Once you have exchanged your ideas with another person through conversations, you can match your location with them. 

According to the latest reports, Facebook dating is available in 30+ countries, and users are enjoying this feature this far. Facebook tends to create more applications that may facilitate more and more users in the future.

How to Activate Facebook Dating in 2021?

Facebook Dating Settings – How to Change Them

Start using Facebook Dating by following these steps:

  • Tap Menu (three lines) in the lower-right corner of the Facebook app.
  • Next Tap on Dating
  • Tap on getting started; Follow the prompt to put up your dating profile.
  • Your Dating profile would be ready When you choose a picture and share your location From your Facebook account.
  • By adding more pieces of information, you can customize your dating profile.
  • Tap on Done

You can also arrange the Profile tile that includes your photo, or answers to the questionnaire of dating options in the partner. Then making your profile more charming and unique, so He/She will get it with more affection. They specify the options that will give you the partner as per your demand for soft Romance or other activities. In the end, your account is accomplished and the Dating service is started in your account.

To find partners, facebook analyses your likes from your profile. Once activated it would show you people based on your interests and preferences. The app shows you how many friends you have in common with the person whose photo you are looking at; hence making you aware of his interests. You can also link it to content you have already posted on Instagram story. On Facebook dating, you can upload details of your upcoming date or live location with someone you trust.

How to Delete a Facebook Dating Profile:

  1. Firstly, to access the settings, tap the gear icon on the screen where Facebook suggests profiles.
  1. Secondly, tap the General tab.
  1. Thirdly, tap Delete Profile.

Dating safety on Facebook:

  • A friend should always know where you’re going before you meet someone you know online in person
  • Additionally, you should communicate with them via text or Facebook messenger so that they know you are safe
  • Under the General tab of the Facebook Dating settings, you can block a user from contacting you or viewing your profile

Scope of Facebook dating in 2021.

In 2021, people with single status can meet their relationship requirements easily with Facebook dating. 

Are you single, and looking for a dating app? Facebook launched its dating tool for its consumers. It only seems logical to exploit it to help them identify devotion. That is the aim for Facebook’s latest, and perhaps most ambitious, function. In 2021 Facebook will be more convenient for people who search for their best online friends and meet the love of life online by Facebook dating.

Given that there have been around 1.2 billion single people on Facebook, launching such a function makes perfect sense.

Facebook Dating is a new service that allows single people to see other single people. This is accomplished either by statistical recommendation or through the use of events and associated groups. The goal is to assist you in finding a meaningful connection and be the go-to destination for many more important subjects.

Merits of Facebook Dating 

As you may have heard, Facebook Dating just launched in a number of countries, and it is now available in over 20. This new platform, according to a psychologist and dating expert coach, provides individuals with a simple, free, and conscientious approach to discovering love. As a result, Facebook has attempted to improve online dating for singles in a variety of ways.


Facebook Dating only uses your first name and is designed to be a separate app from Facebook so that your family and friends are unaware that you are dating.


Facebook has chosen text-only messaging to ensure that you are not sent sexual or inappropriate images.


You and your date both have the choice to unlock your Facebook profiles at some point. According to research, if you like someone based on their Facebook profile, you are more likely to like them.

The best feature of this dating service is that it is free of cost. For a Facebook user, it is much more convenient as compared to other dating platforms. An ordinary person who has no extra-ordinary command of the web but knows how to operate social media can enjoy dates with Facebook dating

Demerits of Facebook Dating 

The major crowd is older at Facebook dating, so for a person who is looking for young and hot mates, they are disappointed. Privacy concerns in Facebook make hindrance in some cases like seducing attitudes etc. In contrast, other dating sites offer more seducing contents


Facebook dating is an overwhelming website for the short romances and cute connections between the two persons who offer love to each other. It is increasing worldwide because it seems to be easier to get a beautiful and dashing partner with some taps. In the end, the empowering factor of this dating feature is that one can find the best match and the most important feature is free messaging or even video calls to increase the interaction to make more pleasure for free.

Even from here, you can buy facebook accounts with dating features enabled.

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